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life update

its almost five in the morning.
i have to start getting ready around seven.
be at school at 8.
take my motherfucking lab exam at 8:30.
take another motherfucking lab exam at 3:00.
im really looking forward to it :]

me and phillip dated for around 6 months.
it was really good.
we broke up, now we are friends.
we are so weird all the time.
i really love him and i really want to be close with him so much.
at least that is always consistent.

last semester in school was pretty damn hard.
this semester is a little easier.
im only taking three classes, one being online.
my cousin mena lives with me now during the weekdays.
it is awesome!
we have fun all the time.
i enjoy her company.
she is going to LA next year for pharmacy school.
that is so awesome.
Thank God, He is turning her life around so much.
He is such a good God.
I love Jesus.

I haven't been feeling very close to Him lately.
I really want to feel Him.
I wish that people could understand the Love He has for them.
it is so incredible.

i am beginning to have a new crush on a new boy.
his name is jake, he is really cool.
he dresses well, listens well, speaks well, laughs well, looks well.
im going to try not to like him.
he has a girlfriend who he loves.
if i like him im bound to get hurt.
if we end up getting anywhere, it will hurt his relationship.
and his life altogether, since they seem pretty inseperable.
but when we hangout, its just the best time ever.
and i think that is why i like him.