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ohai its lyke 3am

and im just chillin here stu stu studyinnn
did i stu stu stutter

yeah, idk, im tired maynnnnnnnnnnnnnnnne.

anyways, yesterday morning i went to tropicana (which is like a country inn breakfast place)with phillipe and it was like OFF SCOT EFFIN GOOD. <------------(lol)

the night b4 we had gone to dennys which is pretty lame...but i had fun.
i mean he was totally hating it cus i was just bouncing off the walls being a psycho.
and i didnt know he was bothered i was just having fun, but yeah. it ended up kinda weirdo.
it got better eventually i guess cus the next mornin we ended up going to another diner.

yeah NE WAYZ i did havs a ludda fun w, da phill meister and gezss watt? he iz my BEST FRAN